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I’m jealous of water fountains. You read that correctly.

I want my cup of creativity to overflow like that. But not spill out onto the floor and disappear forever.

Versace, Gorjana, Uncommon James, scarf top, Medusa, gold hoop, asymmetrical skirt, asymmetrical, over-the-knee boots, suede boots, Fendace

I want my writer’s flow to include a pump that moves the fluidity upward, back into my veins, through my heart and into my brain–and take on new life– onto the page. As a creative person, this may be my deepest desire.

-Kristin Vartan

But we’re human–not the Trevi. We are God’s masterpieces, not man’s.  Sometimes, we need to outsource our inspiration. Whether it’s writing, music, or in this case–fashion, I go to my muses for each medium–or cross-reference. These outfits you see before you–were the result of creativity flow in motion, thanks to two brands and the creative ladies at the helm: Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior and Donatella Versace of… you guessed it: Versace. 

Outfit 1: Very Versace

Who needs floral print when you have fleur de lis printed like growing golden vines across a printed scarf–and the iconic medusa head blooming on your head like a floral bud? Thanks to the early 2000s, wearing scarves as tops is back en vogue–even though I’ve been increasing my closet with this neat trick–since early 2019. I tucked in this black, gold and blue one that was my mom’s in the nineties–into a charcoal denim asymmetric skirt. The slit on this piece allows for an iconic shoe moment: my over-the-knee black suede boots. I slicked my hair back into a low pony, and played off the gold Versace pin in my hair with a medallion chain necklace from Gorjana. And since Versace is the literal embodiment of Italian maximalism, I opted for a multi-colored Island print canvas bag. This one ties everything together, with its gold buckle and onyx canvas backdrop.

Lavish Alice, Rent the Runway, asymmetrical dress, corset, corset dress, mini dress, white boots, Dior, Dior autumn/winter 2022, fashion, runway

Outfit 2: Dior Corsetry:

In 2022, Corsets are not what they were in, let’s say, 1822. The lace-up contraptions on our torso are not constricting but empowering! The Dior Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection was peppered with the edgy corsetry–more like armor than crinoline atop fishnet and lace tops. That’s what drew me to this olive dress with an asymmetrical collar, and low bustier décolletage: it does the opposite of the corset’s historic attempt to refine a woman. With its curved, spiky clasps and lighter green wiring, it has a dramatic draw. I topped the conversation piece with white knee-high boots and my go-to gold-rimmed Christian Dior pearl earrings.

Lavish Alice, Rent the Runway, asymmetrical dress, corset, corset dress, mini dress, white boots, Dior, Dior autumn/winter 2022, fashion, runway

Final Thoughts:

As I look to the Venice canals, where these photos are set, I think of the fountains I slightly envy. You may be familiar with that iconic scene in Felini’s La Dolce Vita, where Silvia can be found in her black gown, walking through the waters of the Trevi Fountain. If I had the promise that one touch of water to my skin could seep into my bones and quench any ounce of wanted creativity, I would gladly do it. But, perhaps it isn’t needed. My blood is a fountain: constantly pumping through my veins, into my heart and into my brain. Perhaps the creativity has been overflowing inside me, all along.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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Photos taken by Mari Makatsaria and Anton Galazyuk

2 responses to “Fashionable Creativity | The Chic List”

  1. First, I have to say your writing in this blog is so poetic and moving! I love the fountain metaphor, and these outfits that you’ve creatively put together are stunning! The black and gold combinations are gorgeous in your Versace outfit. Your olive Dior dress is beautiful and so unique! I grow more tempted to renovate my entire closet with each different outfit I see from you. Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing!

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