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Tommy Hilfiger, preppy style, preppy, back to school style, fall fashion, high fashion, red sweater, oversized sweater, leather skirt, midi skirt, gold hoop earrings, red pumps

I’m a graduate but a lifelong learner. And I must say, I am so well-schooled in the subject of style, that this test straight from the fall fashion runways, is one I’ll pass with flying colors. It’s all about: back to school.

Whether class is about to be in session for you, you’ve already graduated, or the path to academia wasn’t for you, collegiate chic has been textbook in the fashion world since sportswear cemented American style in the forties. But it’s made a particular resurgence on the catwalk in both the states, and abroad. It’s timeless, easy to achieve and for everyone.

Pop quiz time, but don’t worry. It’s only one question, and it’s multiple choice. There could be a number of reasons this aesthetic is en vogue, but which is it?

  • A) People are going back to school. It’s just that time of the year. So, it’s a no-brainer that the Ivy League prepster look is practically uniform.  
  • B) Binge-worthy teen dramas have us in a chokehold: and they’re clasping button-down shirt collars around our necks. Thank you Sex Education, Gossip Girl reboot, and [insert your favorite high school or college cult TV show here]. 
  • C) Preppy school style is effortless, with the key pieces can create a versatile capsule wardrobe, and looks ultra chic
  • D) All of the Above

If you answered D, you are absolutely correct! If you got it wrong, here’s how you can earn some extra credit: Keep reading below to brush up on the variables that make up the formula of this academia-core aesthetic.

Tommy Hilfiger, preppy style, preppy, back to school style, fall fashion, high fashion, red sweater, oversized sweater, leather skirt, midi skirt, gold hoop earrings, red pumps

An Item that Shows School, or Style Spirit

You don’t have to be on a varsity team to “sport” this eye-catching outerwear. It can be your school letters, a scarlet letter, or your favorite fashion brand’s letter, in scarlet. Lacoste’s letterman jackets from their 2022 line, will make taking an “L” actually cool.

And if you want to opt for it on a sweater instead of a varsity jacket like I did here, join my squad. We won’t cut you from the team, or insist you’re only ready for JV. This cherry-red Tommy Hilfiger knit is a prime example and cozier than any campus uniform I’ve ever dawned (yes, I did go to a Catholic elementary school. I had to wear the plaid skirt, itchy letterman sweater, and everything).

Borrow From Your Boyfriend, Best Guy Friend, or Just Reach into Your Own Closet

This look is all about the androgynous, because “borrowing from the boys” may actually be an outdated term. But yes, the idea is to go for things perceived formally by society, to be historically masculine. That means dawning oversized pieces whether they’re in the form of a sweater, a loose-fitting button-down that’s practically a nightgown a la Raf Simmons Spring 2022 Read-to-Wear, or some chunky loafers with tube socks. 

A Statement Skirt

The statement can be a pleated micro-mini from Miu Miu (this trend will get its own post on the blog next). You can also make some serious noise with a long crop, like this leather midi in cabernet red. Either way, skirts and clothes in general can communicate… essays. 

Photos taken by an actual high school to stay further on theme

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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