• Summer Style!

    Summer Style!

    Summer time is boho time! That’s right: break out your detailed dresses and crochet cardigans for some chic and elaborate detailing! Since white is summer’s favorite color (because it looks super great against tan skin and makes you look even more tan), I decided to go for a bohemian, lace detailed white dress. I put… Read more

  • How Will You Be Remembered?

    How Will You Be Remembered?

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things got a little hectic because of graduation! Well anyway, here is the outfit I wore on the last day of my high school career; a very surreal day indeed! I hardly remember what I wore the first day of high school, probably because I was a freshman… Read more

  • Pretty in Punk!

    Pretty in Punk!

    Happy friday everyone! Today I decided to channel my inner rock star not only by performing a Journey song at my school’s talent show but in how I dressed as well! In order to coordinate with the retro vibe of my performance, I opted for big hair, bold lips, and rockin’ kicks! Black was the… Read more

  • What I wore to Senior Ball (PROM)!

    What I wore to Senior Ball (PROM)!

    To sum it up: Senior Ball was one of the most fun and memorable moments of my Senior Year! I got to go with my amazing friends and an awesome date! The night was full of pinterest worthy photos (including a cinderella inspired one that is my absolute favorite!), dancing, funny moments, kareoke, crepes, and… Read more

  • Make Memorial Day Memorable!

    Make Memorial Day Memorable!

    Memorial Day: a national holiday in memory of those who gave their lives in the service of the military–the service of our country. In today’s age, the average American may see the holiday as an extra day off or an opportunity to go on a mini vacation rather than what the day is actually meant… Read more

  • Playing Dress Up!

    Playing Dress Up!

    You know it’s the best day ever when you find your style icon’s red carpet dress in a store and get to try it on and take a picture in it, pretending like you’re on the red carpet yourself! Love this amazing Alice in Wonderland esque number! It could be worn on the red carpet… Read more

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