2021’s Best On-Camera Style Moments

I’ve always sought to carve my own path. When it comes to on-camera style, that path leads from the runway to the anchor desk, and most days out in the field. You may ask, ‘Kristin, why go through the trouble when you already wear so many hats as an on-camera reporter who also fills inContinue reading “2021’s Best On-Camera Style Moments”

Channeling House of Gucci Style | The Chic List

I’m going “Gaga,” over cheetah and leopard print. There, I said it. If the runways didn’t confirm it for the glitterati of this world (Michael Kors and Lanvin to name a couple), then singer and actress extraordinaire, Lady Gaga has the past few weeks of the House of Gucci press tour: Animal print, specifically leopardContinue reading “Channeling House of Gucci Style | The Chic List”


On Hollywood’s biggest night out, the Oscars, I in grand pandemic fashion stayed in! And like hundreds of other hand-selected journalists covering the 93rd Academy Awards, I wasn’t alone. The Oscars were in person this year for celebrities and a few select outlets, but most on-camera journalists like me, accustomed to interviewing the celebrities onContinue reading “93RD OSCARS RED CARPET FASHION | ON-CAMERA STYLE”

cherry print is back | The chic list

Happy First Day of Spring! Floral may be the traditional pattern for the season, but I am deciding right here and now that fruity prints should make their comeback. No, it’s not because one of the few places we’ve been able to venture to the past year is the grocery store. Hear me out: IContinue reading “cherry print is back | The chic list”

Roots –What I Learned While Dressing Like a Haute Couture Model

Going back to one’s roots is audaciously grounding. As Americans, we prioritize the idea of individuality while other cultures seem to value connection—a connection between people, a connection to nature, a connection to past and present. What we sometimes fail to realize is that by connecting, we are actually doing a service to ourselves asContinue reading “Roots –What I Learned While Dressing Like a Haute Couture Model”

fall fashion for on-camera journalists

My office is all over town, and my cubicle, is a rectangular TV or iPhone screen belonging to our various audience members. That’s because I’m an on-camera reporter, which if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know by now. As far as I’m concerned, there are a few components that make my liveContinue reading “fall fashion for on-camera journalists”

Why Wearing Lime Green will bring joy during summer 2020

This socially-distanced summer, I’m living the lime green dream of a sixties queen! My heart and soul belong to the past while my mind is sharply focused on the present and future. Naturally, I wear my heart not only on my sleeve, but my entire outfit—which is good because this dress doesn’t have sleeves (IContinue reading “Why Wearing Lime Green will bring joy during summer 2020”

get ready for fashion week with krischic season 2!

If you know me, you know that I follow fashion like some would football (don’t get me wrong, I love football too and used to be a cheerleader for the sport in high school). I keep up with Vogue Runway every fashion month. This season is no different, even with shows going from in-person toContinue reading “get ready for fashion week with krischic season 2!”

Rising to the #VogueChallenge

The genesis of my love for fashion began at five years old. This was when I first discovered Vogue magazines under my mother’s bathroom sink cabinet. Shop the Look (and here’s the original blog post): Shop the Look: The childhood joy I gained from looking through those glossy pages translated to starting my media brand.Continue reading “Rising to the #VogueChallenge”

On the Talk show: “protests and pandemic, the ‘Dress doctor’s’ diagnosis”

This weekend is father’s day weekend, but it’s also the weekend of….JUNETEENTH, the holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery in the United States. The past few weeks have been heavy for humankind. In the midst of a pandemic, protests broke out following the tragic death of George Floyd. His final words, “I can’t breathe,” becameContinue reading “On the Talk show: “protests and pandemic, the ‘Dress doctor’s’ diagnosis””