What I wore to Senior Ball (PROM)!

To sum it up: Senior Ball was one of the most fun and memorable moments of my Senior Year! I got to go with my amazing friends and an awesome date!
The night was full of pinterest worthy photos (including a cinderella inspired one that is my absolute favorite!), dancing, funny moments, kareoke, crepes, and much much more!
Not only was everything perfect, but my dress made me feel like a princess! I loved my strapless black, not your typical mermaid style gown! I loved how the mermaid part gathered in many places and was secured with sequined flowers because it reminds me of the bottom of Belle’s (aka my favorite Disney Princess) dress from Beauty and the Beast! I also was in love with the top half of my dress because it was so flattering. It was super tight which enhanced my curves and had a little extra sequins on top to add some exra sparkle!
Since there were so many little details in the dress, I kept my neck bare, but wore some long silver diamond looking earrings! I also wore gorgeous silver rhinestone shoes to tie the whole look together! My corsage was also a favorite accessory of mine (shout out to my awesome date)!
I played my own fairy godmother by doing my own hair and makeup! I kept my hair simple with wavy curls that I achieved using a regular curling iron (without using the clamp)! I kept the eyeshadow simple with a metallic silver and a tad bit of black so that I could wing out my eyeliner and wear fake lashes! Lastly, I couldn’t resist wearing some bright redipstick to match my corsage!
I hope everyone enjoyed prom/ball as much as I did! Xoxo










Make Memorial Day Memorable!



Memorial Day: a national holiday in memory of those who gave their lives in the service of the military–the service of our country.
In today’s age, the average American may see the holiday as an extra day off or an opportunity to go on a mini vacation rather than what the day is actually meant for. Why not do both? Why not recognize the holiday while you’re taking the day off?
Wear red, white, and blue, to salute those who died for our country!
Since it’s on the last monday of May (especially if you live in Cali) it might be a little hot outside! That is why I opted for a denim romper, still cute but keeps you rather cool for whatever activity you’re engaging in! The denim also acts as the blue for the outfit! To add the red, and to make my look more dressy, I’m wearing a red Jcrew bubble necklace and some red lipstick! You can never go wrong with red lipstick!
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend and remember the wonderful men and women who gave their lives for our nation. God bless America!

Playing Dress Up!

You know it’s the best day ever when you find your style icon’s red carpet dress in a store and get to try it on and take a picture in it, pretending like you’re on the red carpet yourself!
Love this amazing Alice in Wonderland esque number! It could be worn on the red carpet or to a tea party! If you are like me and can only dream of wearing this, then you can find similar knock offs at Topshop! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and to mothers, a wonderful Mother’s Day!


April Showers Bring May Flowers!





After we experience the summer tease that is spring break, the weather begins to act like a roller coaster: sometimes it’s super sunny, sometimes rain pours…but that doesn’t mean that style has to suffer! You can still look fashion forward on rainy days too!
Here i’m wearing a bright salmon colored blazer that stays true to the colors of spring flowers while
still keeping warm! Since the blazer is loud, I chose a polka dotted black and white skirt that is muted in color, but not in pattern! I also tucked in a romper with smaller polka dots for a little pattern play! To keep extra warm, I am wearing my black leather riding boots! Don’t forget a cute, patterned umbrella in the same colored wheel! What fun is spring rain without an adorable umbrella?
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Once Upon a Prom


Once upon a time, in a not so faraway land, there was a castle called high school in the kingdom of life.

Each year, this castle had a ball called prom, where all its subjects would come for one night in lavish gowns and manly tuxes to dance the night away….

This all sounds like a fairytale, right? I’ll tell you what’s not: finding the perfect gown and the perfect accessories to go along with it; and then there’s the hair and makeup to worry about! I’m sure while all us girls can agree that shopping for prom is fun, it can also be stressful. Here’s a little prom inspiration to help make your junior or senior prom night into your fairytale fantasy!

In this shoot, I am wearing a metallic, silvery gold evening gown from Calvin Klein! I love this gown because it is very simple yet chic! There is subtle detailing in the fabric that allows the person to wear the dress, rather than allowing the dress wear the person. The lower cut top of the dress with the beaded/braided straps draws attention to the top of the dress, accentuating the neckline. I also love how the dress gathers from the side of the waist and flairs out a little at the bottom which is super flattering!

Although the dress is long, it rises a little at the ankle which means: you can show off your shoes! I opted from some sequined peeptoes that have an adorable satin bow finish above the peep! For the rest of the accessories, I decided to keep the neck bare to elongate it, but wore statement earrings to bring some more glam to the look. I love these earrings because they are a cross between the hoop and the teardrop. The rhinestones are my favorite part because, who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

I decided that bigger was better with my hair! Curls were key for this bombshell/glamorous look! For makeup, I kept the eyes simple with some winged liner, but decided to make a statement with some dark lips! Dark lips are one of my favorite makeup trends of every season!

I hope this helped you get some promspiration! And (I know this may sound cheesy, but aligning with the whole fairytale theme), I hope you have a happily ever after on your big night! And if you love prom, dresses, and this post make sure to follow this blog!

Life’s a Beach!





Going to the beach with friends over spring break is a must! It’s so fun to just take a day to soak up the sun, chase waves, and snap some cute beach pictures! My beautiful friend, Rachel and I had quite the photoshoot by the ocean yesterday! We took many candids and made some pinterest-esque beach poses!
Naturally (as you know from my other blog posts) I find a lot of joy in “dressing for the occasion!” I went for a nautical look by pairing a long sleeve, navy and white striped shirt with my denim circle skirt! To add some extra flair, I topped the look with some red hot, heart shaped sunglasses and lipstick!
Rachel also joined in on the fun with her beachy chic outfit! She put together a charcoal colored tank top, adorable dark washed ripped jeans (which she cuffed at the ankles, oh so cute!), and her dark blue knit sweater which she tied at the waist. Her naturally wavy hair with a deep side part and dainty gold jewlery added a perfect, extra touch!
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The Easter Egg




Well not quite yet, but it’s coming up in exactly a week, so excited!

My outfit is inspired by the Easter Eggs in the basket I’m holding! I love my vibrant green collar shirt with my rainbow accessories (the necklace and wedges) because it embodies the cheerfulness that comes from Easter! My favorite accessory is my smile by far, which is sporting some pretty bright pink lipstick! However, I had to pull the look together with my black skirt (which is actually a dress that I tucked in to look like a skirt, shhh).

Anyway, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can definitely play with colors this spring the way I did! Take a chance with your wardrobe and use all the color you possibly can! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday and have an amazing Palm Sunday/Easter if you celebrate!

Spring Breakers!




Spring Break is on It’s way which means no school, warm weather, and more time to put together a cute outfit! I am incredibly excited to go to the beach with my friends and go shopping over break! What can you find me wearing? Hmmm…let’s see… Statement pants! Statement pants are probably one of the most fun trends for this spring! Pair them with some cute wedges to elongate your legs and a simple yet fitted crop top for a fun yet put together look! Don’t forget a floppy hat and big earrings to top it all off! Hope you have an amazing spring break and God bless!

Country at Coachella vs. Festival Fairy








In a couple of weeks, the biggest music festival of the year is taking place: Coachella! Whether you’ve going to the event to rock out to bands like Arcade Fire and Foster the People or stay at home listening to countless albums wishing you were there, (which is what I’m going to end up doing), you’re probably going to be wearing some cute Boho Chic outfit similar to what you saw Vannessa Hudgens or Alexa Chung wear last year! Two of my favorite Boho styles for this event are polar opposites: Country at Coachella and the Festival Fairy.

Country at Coachella is an edgier look: it has a gothic southern vibe for girls who love to make a statement in black. I love pairing lace tights with a high low skirt for a romantic look that is still rough around the edges! To tie the whole look together, I paired the lace tights with a lace top and a felt, cowboy-esque hat!

Festival Fairy is softer: it has a hippie vibe for girls who like the girly, retro vibe. I paired a chiffon top with a chiffon maxi skirt to make the two pieces look like a dress. The flower crown is fit for any Boho Beauty going for a more timeless Coachella look!

These looks can be worn throughout the spring season, not just at Coachella! I challenge you to go in your closet and just play dress up this April because the best festival fashion comes from playing around with your day to day style! Happy Saturday!

Spring Style!






So it’s officially spring…what’s the first thing that I’m excited for? Spring style! Since the weather is getting warmer, I can be found wearing my favorite lace shorts of all time which kind of remind me of the beautiful spring blossoms! I paired them with a light washed jean jacket, my Brandy Melville tank, and edgy high tops. I can’t forget about my cat eye sunglasses on this beautiful, bright and sunny day! Expect some more spring fashion coming your way on my blog! Enjoy this beautiful weather and don’t forget to live life on the chic side!