Enjoying the Mali-beauty

I don’t belong anywhere: I belong everywhere. The phrase above happens to be my life motto for the sole purpose that I love to travel and experience new spaces and places. With that being said, Malibu—and more specifically, Pepperdine (my university) is one of the places I can easily call home; it is a placeContinue reading “Enjoying the Mali-beauty”

Bohemian Paradise

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t posted in over a month, but I am back! I wore this lovely, laid back outfit to my sorority’s retreat and absolutely loved it! I figured that in general, people in college try to walk on the fine line between cute and insanely comfy, and this outfit is perfectContinue reading “Bohemian Paradise”

All it Takes is Faith, fashion, and Pixie Dust

While summer is the season for outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, picnicing, etc., there are times when inside activities are a must! One of my favorites is going to see plays; musicals are a bonus! On Saturday, I had the opportunity to go see Peter Pan the Musical at my local theatre, and LOVEDContinue reading “All it Takes is Faith, fashion, and Pixie Dust”

Summer Style!

Summer time is boho time! That’s right: break out your detailed dresses and crochet cardigans for some chic and elaborate detailing! Since white is summer’s favorite color (because it looks super great against tan skin and makes you look even more tan), I decided to go for a bohemian, lace detailed white dress. I putContinue reading “Summer Style!”

Spring Breakers!

Spring Break is on It’s way which means no school, warm weather, and more time to put together a cute outfit! I am incredibly excited to go to the beach with my friends and go shopping over break! What can you find me wearing? Hmmm…let’s see… Statement pants! Statement pants are probably one of theContinue reading “Spring Breakers!”

Country at Coachella vs. Festival Fairy

In a couple of weeks, the biggest music festival of the year is taking place: Coachella! Whether you’ve going to the event to rock out to bands like Arcade Fire and Foster the People or stay at home listening to countless albums wishing you were there, (which is what I’m going to end up doing), you’re probably goingContinue reading “Country at Coachella vs. Festival Fairy”