Fashion From the Fourth

How did I celebrate my Independence this Fourth of July? In the most poetic way possible: I left Britain for America, and am still trying to figure out how to be emotionally independent from Britain, where my heart still resides (study abroad withdrawals, are quite real). With that being said, I do love America withContinue reading “Fashion From the Fourth”

What I Wore On the Fourth of July!

I had an amazing Fourth of July yesterday! Between car shows, fireworks, good food, and spending time with family, how could I not feel blessed? With all the excitement I had to make sure my outfit was both comfortable and Murica Chic! To still be a little dressy, I opted for a red and whiteContinue reading “What I Wore On the Fourth of July!”

Independence Day Outfit!

Since Independence day is in a couple days you’re probably planning a last minute trip to the mall for that perfect Red, White and Blue outfit! What if I told you that you can look just as chic in our nation’s colors by piecing together items you already have in your closet? This outfit isContinue reading “Independence Day Outfit!”