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Keeping it Krischic, A Talk Show for the ‘Chicest’ Creatives

Chic by definition means “elegant” or “fashionable,” but by its origins the adjective also means “skillful.” Keeping it Krischic is a talk show for guests and audiences who are looking to embody those qualities. “Chic” guests can be anyone of any background that aims to be aspirational, whether they are entrepreneurs, social justice leaders, fashion icons, entertainment stars, etc.

Season 2: Quarantelling Stories

Quarantelling Stories is a special edition of my Keeping it Krischic talk show, where stories of resilience can be found during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, feel free to contact me at

Protests and Pandemic: The “Dress Doctor’s” Diagnosis

LA Designer Puey Quiñones Creates Stylish PPE For AirAsia, Doctors and Consumers

LA Muralist, Ruben Rojas on His ‘You Can’t Quarantine Love’ Campaign

LaMade CEO, Elbert Chang Pivoting from Clothing to Mask Making During the Pandemic

CBS All Rise’s J. Alex Brinson on Virtual Social Distancing Episode During COVID-19 | Quarantelling Stories

SQD Ink. Delivers to Elderly in 18 States During Coronavirus Pandemic | Quarantelling Stories

Season 1: The Chicest in Film and Fashion

Fashion Week Tips and Blogger Advice with Julia Comil — Keeping it Krischic (Ep 4)

Keeping it Krischic with Kristin Vartan — Cristina Lizzul (Ep 3)

Keeping it Krischic with Kristin Vartan — Dylan Perlot (Ep 2)

Keeping it Krischic with Kristin Vartan — Wallis Barton (Pilot)

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