Y2K Meets Spring/Sumer 2022’s Trending Color: Yellow

Perhaps I wear yellow to hold sunshine. We can never touch the sun, yet in the summer we yearn to be sun kissed. To wear the hues of marigold, of mustard, or a daffodil, is to manifest summer. And once the dog days do roll around, I’ll be clothed in those shades.

Pantone confirms that the hankering for this color is not just a mere whim—but a sign of the times: Daffodil was one of New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2022’s trending colors. Also making its comeback: the “Early Otts.” That was, in my opinion not the best era of fashion (And I was in my awkward phase at the time, because who isn’t in middle school?), but TikTok influencers and celebrities like Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo are showing us ways to up the early 2000s game with a 2020’s refresh (isn’t it crazy to think that clothing from 2002 is now qualified as vintage)? My sartorial choices, to quote Coldplay—“was all yellow” in the early days of spring 2022. So here’s how I wore the color with Y2K ingenuity.

Matching Sets and Halter Tops

Halter tops are close as you can get to keeping cool in the blazing heat without wearing a swimsuit. This keyhole detailing especially is the epitome of the 2000’s; Those were days we viewed our favorite reality shows and hour-long dramas through an oversaturated, yellow-tinted lens (I’m talking about the OC, 90210, The Hills, and Gossip Girl). Adding the strappy torso element with a matching slit skirt gives off a mixture of Jacquemus Spring 2022 and Christian Dior Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear vibes.

Aldo, floral print, tropical print, yellow, blazer, Zara, matching set, halter top, slit skirt, island print, summer fashion, spring 2022, Gorjana, Uncommon James

On a gusty day, being tossed around courtesy of Santa Ana winds, a jacket was necessary to complete this look. I opted for a muted mustard yellow one with an oversized fit to keep warm, while making the outfit slightly more modest for some errands around Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. So much yellow calls for a statement lip and bag. This canvas handbag is a wildcard, literally: Foliage the colors of the rainbow grow along its landscape with the freedom of the jungle. I matched this coin chain necklace from Gorjana and similar coinage earrings from Uncommon James, to the golden clasp on the purse. The accessories are basically a sealed love letter to the West Coast.

animal print, snakeskin pants, snake print, Edwardian top, Edwardian fashion, '80s top, shoulder pads, button down, tortoise shell, Good American, early 2000s fashion, early Otts, Y2K fashion, Christina Aguilera animal print pants

Party Pants:

Forget “apple-bottom jeans:” Animal-print pants were all the rage when we wrung in the 21st century! From Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson to Destiny’s Child, the TRL darlings sported stripes and spots, and snakeskin prints! These golden viper pants I’m wearing, have venomous bite and are not for the faint of heart. Only wear snakeskin if you feel comfortable in yours. With this ensemble: the Early Otts met its 100-year-old ancestor: the early 1900s. This mustard top with Edwardian details created an unorthodox eclecticism that I absolutely love. The tortoise shell buttons on the blouse pick up on the browns in the trousers, pulling everything together.   

Jason Wu, Emily in Paris, Emily Cooper, floral dress, Ganni dress, Emily in Paris yellow dress, Aldo, Jennifer Lopez shoes, Chanel, gold chain necklace, vintage, maxi dress, summer dress, sundress, San Francisco style

TV Dressing:

The early 2000s had Carrie Bradshaw (“And Just Like that,” we still have her), the 2020’s have Emily Cooper. Trading the New York landscape for Paris doesn’t mean we’re going French-girl minimalism here! Emily Cooper is a walking, high-fashion catalogue of vibrance and joy. I’ll never forget the scene from season one, where the marketing maven traipsed the streets of Paris in an electric yellow and onyx Ganni maxi dress. The black heels and matching square waist belt were the edgy finishes we definitely needed to see while the American girl in Paris stumbled on a bakery with the perfectly buttery chocolate croissant. Meanwhile, I became “Kristin in San Francisco” while dawning this Jason Wu sundress. Living up to the gowns namesake, wearing the dress was like walking in sunshine: a lemony yellow with black-stamped floral. To make this look oh so Emily, I cinched the waist with a black belt to match the lace trim and stepped into the city in these gold chain stilettos with a black heel.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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How to avoid ruining your new Gucci Skirt

The cover had the words “Gucci” printed on it in a promise. It was fashioned in burlap, the cocoon of a butterfly with interlock-G’ canvas wings. The pattern was a particular branch of logomania: legacy imprint: I’m talking about my new Gucci skirt. At last, after two months of hanging the piece like a prized museum artifact in my closet, it was time to take it out for a spin, a twirl, a street style catwalk.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I am writing this post-binge of Bridgerton season two and HBO’s The Golden Age (if you aren’t watching basically the American version of Downton Abbey, what are you doing?), but I would equate wearing this skirt outside of the house for the first time to that of a debutante, making her seasonal debut. As a pristine and delicate flower, I did not want anything to happen to this skirt whatsoever. As such, I felt like a doting mother, wanting to keep her safe from ill-intentioned suitors, or in this case, an expensive skirt’s worst nightmare: scratches or stains. I cannot be alone in this: when something you possess is a rare novelty, you may become afraid to wear it. The alternative, leaving it in the closet to collect dust is a worser fate, indeed. So, I left my fears at home, and took my skirt out for her first public appearance. I went out with a game plan that may encourage you to take your more expensive pieces out without any harm coming to them:

How to Avoid Stains:

Tapas for dinner with red wine Sangrias? Delicious but perhaps slightly dangerous. Pro-tip: fully encase yourself in a napkin safety net. That means a 360 wrap-around: a napkin on the chair under the skirt, and curving one on top. Also, make sure to scoot in as close to the table as possible, so that the tablecloth can act as an extra layer of protection from any delicious sauce or stain-inducing wine, threatening to spill.

Gucci, Elliat, Gucci skirt, logomania, designer skirt, Gucci logo, Gucci X Balenciaga, Y2K fashion, early Otts fashion, autumn winter 2022 trends

How to avoid scratches:

It was a special occasion, and I was prepared to get her all dressed up for it: Playing off the chocolate hues of the “G’s on the print, I opted for a chocolately sweater from Elliat. The ribbed crop came with all the trimmings: see-through black lace on the sides, puffy sleeves reminiscent of the medieval period, and a sweetheart neckline. The slit of the skirt was begging for an over-the-knee boot pairing, and the gold-rimmed pearl earrings were the classic adornment for lady-like deportment.

Granted, this was just a day around town with the friend, and not a grand ball, but a girl must treat life like one grand event. Mari and I coordinated our outfits for a photo shoot. We wanted our backdrop to be an architectural marvel in Downtown Bakersfield, so we chose the Masonic temple coated in travertine and a façade crowned with a floral-engraved archway. Let’s not forget grandiose columns that flank a marble-topped double door entrance, all brass and tinted windows. With all its beauty, the photo opportunities were endless, including a stucco balcony, thick enough to sit on and handrails on the staircase. I took care not to lean against anything or to drag my skirt across the sandpaper-like nature of the balcony for these sitting shots.

Gucci, Elliat, Gucci skirt, logomania, designer skirt, Gucci logo, Gucci X Balenciaga, Y2K fashion, early Otts fashion, autumn winter 2022 trends

How to hang the item back in the closet properly:

The phrase, “good habits begin at home” is just as applicable with taking care of your clothes. I immediately put the skirt back into its burlap sleeve and did not ignore the matching canvas logo slips of fabric the hanger came with. The idea is to fold those fabric swatches in half, over the part of the skirt you are going to hang. The samples create a barrier between the pinch of the hanger and the garment so the only imprint are the G’s stamped intentionally throughout. The skirt stays practically brand new. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my mother for taking care of her favorite pieces from the ‘90s and giving them to me to wear. My goal is to take care of beloved items like this too and pass them on to my future daughter someday.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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Miss Dior Millefiori Pop-up | The Chic List

Melrose Avenue, a fitting location for the floral fantasy that is the Miss Millefiori Dior Pop-up: 

The new Miss Dior Eau de Perfume is meant to evoke the scent of “sensual roses,” setting the mood for a love affair between the perfumes of spicy Peony and Lily-of-the Valley, according to Dior’s Perfume Creator, Francois Demachy. For Los Angeles, the transportive scent is brought to life from March 21st to the 27th, in the form of a botanical pop-up experience, before being planted in other cities around the world.

The Miss Dior pop-up was like walking into an enchanted garden, nurtured in luxury. Bottles of the new Miss Dior Millefiori perfume stood out in a nursery of rainbow bouquets, laced throughout the entire space.  

Instead of the smell of actual flowers, pushable buttons sprayed out the array of perfumes for visitors to sample. One room was all mirrors, making the bed of flowers go on to infinity. My friend Gabby commented on how the walls of looking glass reminded her of a funhouse. “Yes, but one that you actually want to stay in!” I said in pure joy.

The pop-up struck that balance between a photography paradise, an interactive shopping experience, and artistic fashion-forward art museum. Déjà vu hit me like a spritz of Miss Dior, when I saw the Christian Dior gown, the brand’s muse Natalie Portman wore in the campaign for the perfume. The layers of pleats made the garment itself look like a blossom in bloom, while other colorful flowers nestled on its petals. I studied the piece as one would Monet’s impressionist paintings of lily pads. Another art piece not to miss: Anya Kielar’s 2021 “Lady Dior.” The abstract, three-dimensional rendition of the perfume, and a “Dior girl,” was inspired by the performance art of theatre, fashion and decorative art.

Miss Dior, Miss Dior Millefiori, Los Angeles, Dior Pop-up Los Angeles, Dior, Dior Beauty, Natalie Portman

“This was a way for her to evoke the notion of the female archetype and the way in which perfume can transform attitude,” according to the Dior pop-up. It was not lost on me how Kielar’s artistic take on a lady “striking a pose” echoed the many fashion girls like myself posing for photos around the premises.

Gabby and I finished the visit with a make-up touch-up at Dior beauty counter. Sitting in a director’s chair with Dior printed on the back, we chatted with Dior’s makeup artist, Robert. Robert was truly a delight, showing us the shapeshifting magic of Dior’s coral and Barbie pink blushes (favorites on TikTok) and chatting about the history of Dior and the modern vision of Maria Grazia Chiuri. With a makeup refresh, Gabby and I toasted with some rose lattes in the makeshift Miss Dior cafe. The coffee was dusted with rose petals, fashioned into the word, Dior. It paired well with some rose macaroons.


The Miss @Dior Pop-up in LA is open until March 27! It was a delightful trip💁🏻‍♀️ #dior #misssdior #beauty #beautytok #wakeupforlove

♬ Mon Soleil (from “Emily in Paris” Soundtrack) – Ashley Park

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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Wear Princess Plaid like Diana Spencer | The Chic List

Wearing plaid is like having a comfort blanket draped over you.

I wonder if that’s how Diana felt, sporting the pattern in different colors, in the form of a dress, a blazer, or a skirt suit. That was the thing about Diana: she knew how to make her look completely fresh while feeling like home, so that when you looked at her, you saw the People’s Princess, but also a monarch of majesty.

I feel the same, as I sport a mismatched version of Diana’s black and red two-piece number, complete with big cold studs, a matching necklace, and tights. I went for an edgier rendition, with two slits on either side of the seemingly modest skirt. Instead of a white blouse, I opted for a black tank top to pick up on the colors in the blazer and skit. And a must: paying to Diana’s traditional big pearl, gold rimmed studs, a standout pair of luxurious stars in the sea of hair the color of the night sky.  

Skipping the tights and pumps, I went for vinyl boots instead, the clear heel the modern echo of a glass slipper. Yes, I called back to the fictional princess, Cinderella because I was about to interview Disney Princesses themselves for one of my on-camera reporter stories. Ahead of their performance of “Disney Princess: The Concert” in Bakersfield (one stop of over 80 cities) I interviewed  Susan Egan (the original Meg in Disney’s Hercules + Belle on Broadway), Analiese van set Pol (Belle on Broadway and Chelsea on That’s So Raven), Syndee Winters (Nala on Broadway), and Arielle Jacobs (Jasmine on Broadway). One question I had to ask them while sporting this outfit honoring a real-life princess:

“As a country and world we’ve been through so much. We’ve spent the last two years in a pandemic and faced political divide, and we are currently trying to piece our nation back together. Disney princesses have a way of communicating hope and joy through their films, in every song they sing. What is it about your show and Disney Princesses in general, that can provide us some much needed hope right now?”

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Egan answered: “I think there’s a magic to Disney in and of itself that spans generations, spans political beliefs, spans countries, and can bring people together.” When I tell you her words wrung true for me, it is an understatement. I listened to these women bring the magic of Disney to life during their performance (yes, a friend and I happily went, among the many children who attended) and found myself tearing up. The childhood joy of hearing “Part of Your World” and “I won’t say I’m in Love,” was undeniable. Call me a dreamer, but Princesses, from Diana Spencer, to Princess Belle make this world a better place. While I don’t have their crowns, my clothes inspired by them (in this case Diana), are equally as monarchical. They empower me to tell the news and make my own dreams come true in every day life.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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How-To Dress Like a Chanel Girl | The Chic List

I’ve been dreaming of vintage Chanel lately.

Perhaps it’s my subconscious soaking in all those vintage Chanel ads that I scroll through on Pinterest, the same way some would mindlessly their “for you” page on TikTok. Maybe it’s my vintage Chanel gold chain necklace sitting at my throat, whispering to me the lures of couture like a horcrux in Harry Potter. Or even seeing how elegantly Kristen Stewart transformed into Princess Diana in Spencer, styled in the luxury house’s archived garments.

Whatever the draw may be, I bought this white sweater dress with gold-rimmed pearl buttons and black velvet bows, quicker than you can say, “interlocked c’s.” I kid you not, I bought three cardigans with the same color combination, but slightly different details because of the imperiousness of the Chanel uniform. Here are some takeaways from my look on how to dress like you’re in a vintage Chanel ad:


Oversized Sunglasses and Silky Gloves:

A Chanel girl is all about creating subtle drama. That means wearing jet-black gloves and shades to match. I’m sure Anna Wintour would approve of wearing these oversized Prada swirly shades indoors, even if the general public may think it’s a little overkill. But a Chanel girl also doesn’t pay attention to the status quo: she forges her own fashion-forward path.  

Dreaming in Black and White:

A Chanel girl moves in a world of grainy technicolor, but still chooses to wear black and white. This could be in the form of a delicious soft, chunky knit sweater in cream bordered with onyx details, or a black cardigan lined with beige edges and kissed with monarchical gold buttons. But on a day in San Francisco, my take was tuxedo color number reminiscent of the vintage Chanel campaign you see below, or even something Princess Diana wore back in the day. Walking around the Palace Hotel in black suede-over-the-knee boots to match the vevelt bowson the dress made me feel like I was about to attend a Chanel Metiers D’Art show. Perhaps it’s just a girl dreaming about fashion month, gearing up to watch the runways virtually while working her on-camera reporter job on the West Coast. Until I officially get to Paris, I’m just going to order some chocolate croissants and a Café au Lait and dress up again in this number.

Chanel, Chanel girl, Chanel beauty, Coco Chanel, French style, French girl, French fashion, Parisian style, Parisian fashion, Parisian, pearls, tuxedo dress, sweater dress, suede boots, Palace Hotel, San Francisco

Pearls are a Chanel Girl’s Best Friend:

Marilyn Monroe was a fashion icon that preached about diamonds. But a Chanel girl is all about being dripped in strings of pearls. For this particular outfit, I let the pearl buttons encased in gold stand out instead of covering them with Coco-esque pearl necklaces. I did adorn my ears with oversized studs identical to the buttons.

Being a Chanel girl isn’t just about impeccable dressing: it’s about being one inside: an elegant woman who is equal parts trailblazer. She doesn’t just sit there to look pretty. When she takes steps in those cream and black quilted heels or opens her mouth rimmed with a rouge Chanel red lipstick, she’s making an impact.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

Preppy Fashion is Back | The Chic List

There’s nothing like a downtown stroll in the crisp California winter air to clear one’s head and test out a new outfit. In my flair boyfriend jeans and Pepperdine University collegiate crewneck with a cream turtleneck peeking out from under, I walked down Downtown Turlock, the charming corner of where I grew up. A sign on the sidewalk read, “a blind date with the book, just down the street” enticed me to take a little detour.

I nursed the honey oat milk cappuccino in my hand that I grabbed from the nearby coffee shop, La Mo, like precious cargo. Taking a sip, I peered through the window of “Lightly Used Books,” convincing myself not to go in because of the bags and bags of page-turners I’ve previously bought, faster than I’ve been able to read them. So, I just stared through my cat-eye tortoise shell sunglasses, feeling like a preppy version of Holly Golightly at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Rather than fine jewelry, I was gaping at literary treasures. And instead of an iconic black dress, black opera gloves, and a tiara on my head, I was in the all-American uniform that never goes out of style, but is currently making comeback: preppy sportswear.  

In the forties, Paris may have been the fashion capitol of the world, but America was the beginning of sportswear. Comfort and chic became synonymous because it was democracy in the form of getting dressed. America, after all is a democratic (lower-case ‘d’) nation. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of dawning your personal style. Never has that been more true today, even as COVID-19 has been a rollercoaster for our lifestyle habits, and in turn, our wardrobe selections.

The pandemic has birthed to dress-isms: a discovery that comfort is key, due to work from home and do-everything-at-home’s demand for loungewear. Then there’s the camp that have missed getting all-dolled up so fervently, that they’re ready dress-to-the-nines, the tens, and the elevens. Well, the pandemic is not over yet, but fashionistas aren’t retreating to full-time yoga pants and matching sweat sets. Rather, they’re dawning preppy sportswear that’s somewhere between Ivy League and Princess Diana street style.

Besides my ensemble a la my alma mater’s merch previously mentioned, here is another take on the reemerging trend that is part ‘60s mod, part Cher from clueless (by the way, has anyone seen. Alicia Silverstone in the Babysitter’s Club Reboot? Such a feel-good show!), and a Blair Waldorf circa Constance fashion throwback! The mastery of this look is all about balancing textures and volume. The oversized camel-colored sweater is the star of this style show, (one of the most on-trend fashion staples in the prepster genre right now), but its supporting actors aren’t shining any less. I opted for a geometrical blue, orange, and white skirt under that picks up on the autumnal hue of the sweater but also meshed with the baby blue button down top. The voluminous sleeves would be overpowering, if not for the stasis the mini-skirt creates in the outfit. Since I’m showing some leg here and it’s cold, skin-colored nylons and knee-high white go-go boots were the way to go. The white calls back to the shapes in the skirt and brings it all together.

Photos taken by the McHenry Museum back in November

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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2021’s Best On-Camera Style Moments

I’ve always sought to carve my own path. When it comes to on-camera style, that path leads from the runway to the anchor desk, and most days out in the field.

You may ask, ‘Kristin, why go through the trouble when you already wear so many hats as an on-camera reporter who also fills in as an anchor on the desk, a weather anchor and sometimes both at the same time? Well, it’s simple: fashion to my confidence on-camera is like coffee to my energy with my ever-changing shifts.

There’s a whole wardrobe’s worth of outfits I loved wearing, here are some of my absolute favorites. Plus, the memories I created in them added an extra layer to the sentiment toward them.

The Lady in Red (and Green) on the Anchor Desk:

The last weekend of August marked my first time anchoring the news. Yes, that’s right. I was freshly 25 and thriving! Suffice to say, I had to anchor the desk in style, in my power colors nonetheless. That line from the Nanny theme song, “she’s the lady in red while everybody else is wearing tan” has been my mantra for on-camera dressing. To me it’s interchangeable with sporting green. On the left, you’ll find me all smiles in an exquisite Cinq a Sept minidress with a side-swept bow on the neckline, and similar cinch on the waist. To the right, an olive Karen Millen number with an accordian skirt and double buckles.

An Oscar-Worthy Dress to the Academy Awards Virtual Red Carpet:

“I’d like to thank the Academy,” for giving me an excuse to wear this tuxedo-inspired dress! Ever since I entered professional life, I’ve started to favor sleeker cuts with vintage trimmings rather than clothing that’s too fussy and frilly. Every so often, perhaps I’ll add on the extra icing and decals, with a vintage-twist. This big bow was just the right touch while covering the 2021 Oscars! The red carpet may have been virtual for me, but I still went all-out, with an Old Hollywood flair.

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American Victoriana for Interviewing the Cast of ‘Dickinson’

The third is final season of @dickinson came out this past November, and I got all dressed up for it . I wanted to channel American Victoriana, since the show takes place in the 19th century. It all started with this scarf print top from Ralph Lauren, tied with a bow. I picked up on the red by opting for that same wool skirt I wore at the Spider-Man premiere. It’s a combo I’m sure Emily Dickinson herself (or at least the more fashion-forward version that costume designers Jennifer Moeller and John Dunn dreamed up) would approve of! It was lovely speaking with @haileesteinfeld@ellahunt@keepingitkrischicdrian.blake.enscoe@annabaryshnikov, and Alena Smith again, while also getting to meet @amandawarrenofficial and Chinaza Uche. You can check out full interviews here.

Scarlet Suit at the Spider-Man No Way Home Premiere

With [a] great power [suit], comes great responsibility! Covering the World Premiere of Spider-Man No Way Home, tonight for 23ABC! This cherry red wool number complete with gold buttons was my mom’s suit in the ‘90s. Every time I wear something of hers, it seems to bring me good luck. It’s a mixture of that and God just being good

A Cinderella Moment at the Mayor’s Ball

When you cover the Mayor‘s Ball for the news, but have to leave early because your carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin. Just kidding! It was because I had to edit and put together my story about the ball. All jokes aside, I love any excuse to get dressed up, and this emerald number with Victorian motifs is a showstopper. Paired with these naked heels that resemble glass slippers, further accentuate the fairytale theme.

Honorable Mentions:

Which outfit is your favorite?

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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Keeping it Christmas Casual

This Christmas, I’m keeping it casual! But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep it ‘Krischic!’

Last yuletide holiday, I was working. This year, I’m home in NorCal and on vacation! So, I’m trading in my reporter mic for a cup of my brother’s homemade Parisian hot chocolate, the steam warming my face while curling up on the couch and watching movies like Home Alone 2, A Castle for Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life. As I settle into the red wool blanket the comforts of home settle over me.

I wouldn’t consider myself a homebody in the slightest, but when out of office (which the location, let’s be honest is contingent on what I’m reporting on) and home for the holidays, laid-back yet luxurious attire is the way to go. If you find yourself having a low-key Christmas but like me, still itching to look haute (fashionably elegant), here’s an outfit idea for you:

Disclaimer: this is not what I’m wearing on Christmas Eve or Christmas itself (don’t worry you’ll get an #OOTD later), but it was a contender that I’ve worn on repeat since the weather dropped below seventy degrees in Kern County. I opted for some athleisure pants that are great for lounging or running to grab last-minute groceries for Christmas dinner. Then, I selected a turtleneck that picks up on a hue in the side-stripe detailing on the trousers. Red is of course the color of Christmas, and it’s also one of my favorites to wear year-round.

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The top and bottom are as unfussy as sweats but look polished when draping a blazer on top. What’s great about this over-sized wool number from the ‘80s: it’s put together without looking corporate. It’s also ridiculously comfortable and has character. It’s a coat that tells a story—perhaps Alice in Wonderland, with the stopwatches embroidered into it, or even a head nod to the time traveling daydreams of the forward thinker with a vintage soul who wears it.

To accentuate the ‘timeless’ (yes I went there) adornment on this outerwear, I layered this gold-chain vintage Chanel necklace on top. The gold in the embroidery echoes the gilded jewelry and even the gold clasp with a lion’s head on this mid-century evoking bag. Editor’s note: only reach for the bag and trade your fuzzy socks for these white sneakers if you’re heading out the door.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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If Carrie Bradshaw lived in Bakersfield, here is what she would do

As I walked down the ‘Streets of Bakersfield,’ I couldn’t help but wonder…could I actualize an ‘Empire State of Mind’ in the ‘Golden Empire?’ And just like that…I realized I could. Perhaps it was the ensemble I dawned inspired by Carrie Bradshaw herself (a fellow journalist and fashion aficionado). The Carrie-confidence, in every curl. It was even in the blue toile dress and matching baby blue cashmere sweater cinched with a cream belt. The detail that truly took this look to the next level: my mother’s suede camel-colored jacket trimmed with a faux fur collar. With the voluminous hairstyle, layered on top, I was embodying the columnists’ lionsmane to a “T.” Without further ado, here’s how to take on Bakersfield, Carrie Bradshaw Style. 

Brunch at the 24th Street Cafe or New Vintage Grill: 

Throughout the six seasons of Sex and the City, the fab four frequently brunched before ladies who lunch, and blogger brunches became a thing. Cafeteria would be the backdrop for them talking about their dating woes, bottomless mimosas and egg and pancake breakfasts included. The 24th Street Cafe is that busy, buzzing and casually classic place that captures the spirit of Sex and the City outings. Pre-Instagram, people didn’t go somewhere because it would look good on their feeds (really even that has become passé according to the Gen-Z community). They went for the ambiance that culminated thecertain vibe of the crowd, delicious food, and good service. It was about making somewhere your place. 24th Street Cafe has more of a charming diner style, nestled inside a building coated in greenery on the trellis, and its outdoor patio is inviting. The meal portions are big, hearty and do not compromise on taste. Meanwhile, New Vintage Grill on Truxtun has a few different versions of a benedict, and you can enjoy any one of them, or really any item on their extensive menu, on an open-air patio with outdoor seating reminiscent of Cafeteria.

Grab a Cosmopolitan at the Padre Hotel Bar

Who needs the Plaza in New York when there’s the Padre? Who am I kidding, I’ve done tea at the plaza Eloise style, and it’s magical. That being said, the Padre is a gem in town. A sign in all caps, red neon lights, the Padre captures your attention. Fun fact: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden even stayed there after her visit with UFW Farm Workers at Delano’s Forty Acres on Cesar Chavez day. The Padre popped up in Downtown Bakersfield in the jazz age and continues to make a splash with its French crown molding offset by black and white tiles and modern chandeliers. What truly catches your attention: a wall mural of a cowgirl clad in a red, blue and floral two-piece western suit, dripping in sparkly fringe. She tips her hat to visitors far and wide, including fans of Sex and the City, of course! There are five different eateries inside from uber casual to incredibly fancy. I suggest heading to the rooftop for city views while enjoying Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite cocktail: a Cosmopolitan. 

Traipse Bakersfield Museum of Art (where a Charlotte type would work)

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, And Just Like That, Big, SATC, SATC fashion, Carrie Bradshaw outfit, winter outfit, suede coat, toile dress, nude pumps

I could wax poetically about my fantasies of attending the cocktail soirees Charlotte hosted as an art dealer at the gallery she worked for. The Bakersfield Museum of Art frequently hosts “Museum After Dark” events that run the gamut. Those evening escapades are not always as buttoned-up as the ones Charlotte frequents, but they usually spotlight communities of diverse backgrounds, which is absolutely delightful. I once went to this Dios Los Muertos garden party in the museum’s courtyard, where local Mexican-American artisans showed us, their original artwork.. Another night at the museum was in honor of Pride Month, with live music by LGBTQ+ artists, appearances by local drag queens, and artwork by the queer community included. Of course, even just exploring the museum is a treat, because there you will find white and mint walls adorned with modern art. There are pieces that also have some tie to Kern County, previously a whole retrospective on the Bakersfield Sound, including Buck Owens’ concert wardrobe. 

Shop Sustainably at In your Wildest Dreams Consignment 

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, And Just Like That, Big, SATC, SATC fashion, Carrie Bradshaw outfit, winter outfit, suede coat, toile dress, nude pumps

Granted we don’t have a Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue to seek out the latest Manolo Blahnik shoe, but we do have the next best thing: In Your Wildest Dreams. Also if we’re being realistic here, there’s no way that Carrie could have afforded all those designer shoes on her columnist salary. Buying them previously loved is not only more budget friendly but sustainable, and that’s something we’re all about in the 2020’s.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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It was the best of times, it was the simplest of times: The ‘90s. The finale to the 20th century was also the era I was born. The prologue to the new millennia was full of minimalist fashion. But it wasn’t this concept of doing “without” something. The neutral pinstripe suits with high-waist trousers, that could be seen on men on wall street and off-duty street style for starlets like Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford were a testament that when your work with what you have, you have a treasure trove of natural beauty and grace to look effortlessly chic.

I see it in the echoes of the pinstripe blazer that my mom used to rock in the ‘90s draped over my shoulder. I am reminded of it as I step into the Illiad Bookshop in North Hollywood. While driving down Cahuenga Blvd, you cannot miss the building coated in giant rectangular columns painted to look like leather-bound tomes nestled side by side. Bookending the paper pillars are colorful illustrations of some of the most illustrious of literature that seemed to spill from their pages: Jane Austen, Shakespeare.

Alice tails the rabbit keeping time and Peter Pan plays his flute for Wendy. Inside these fascinating walls, real books whisper to me. The temptation to take a whole library home is almost impossible to ignore, but my interest settles on two books: a biography of one of my favorite artists of all time, Sting and another: an art book of the legendary Celine Dion. Looking through parchment preserving her mementos and iconic style and music pages and glossy pictures cataloguing her career, my love for the ‘90s is cemented. These were the best of times, the simplest of times. Music hits were heart-wrenching or inspiring ballads, TV sitcoms like Family Matters, Friends, Girlfriends and Full House were the epitome of feel-good. From slip dresses to  style was so unfussy that it gave birth to the idea of the “it girl,” the predecessor to the influencer.  

Here’s how you can pull off the nineties trend yourself. 

A Blazer You Can Bet On:

The one item I cannot live without is a blazer. You can take them from day to night and from the office to the coffee shop. This onyx one with green stripes is a chameleon of sorts, but its foremothers will tell you it’s not to be overlooked. Lisa Kudrow turned paparazzi heads toward her head-to-toe pinstripe suit during a night out with Michael Stern. Meanwhile, we cannot forget that pinstripe skirt suit moment, completed with nylons the color of night that Julia Roberts dawned at the Golden Globes.

The sharp lapels and shoulder pads of the blazer I sported to get my professional headshots done as an on-camera personality, created edgy structure. When paired with the right trousers, it is what I see as the “cool girl’s” office look, or the red-carpet reporting outfit that calls back to the ‘90s starlets aforementioned. During the summer I trade in trousers for white Bermuda shorts and it seamlessly goes from “I mean business” to off-duty ‘90s trendsetter.

Trousers That Stop Traffic:

Trousers are on-trend this fall, especially those in a wide leg cut. WE can thank a year and a half of #WFH for making us want to wear something less constricting. Whether color blocking or monochromatic, a blazer and structured wide-leg pants is both comfortable and polished. Seriously, they are as good as loungewear as I’m concerned.

A Pop of Color:

Since the black blazer is striped with an olive green, I opted for an asymmetrical crop top in the same hue. The top lacking symmetry is the 2021 version of the ‘90s halter top, and wearing it under a suit can look slightly off in the best way. This season, green has been my most repeated color to wear, because it brings out the luminance of my olive skin tone. But in general, I have noticed that green has been the “it” color of the season, making its appearance like an overgrowth of trees.

A Sleek Belt: It doesn’t get more pre-millennium than a square belt! The silver buckle ties everything together once I add my silver rhinestone earrings.

Which ‘90s fashion trend is your favorite?

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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