About Me

Zara, gingham top, gold earrings, fashion blogger, Perch LA

What does it mean to be a “forward thinker with a  vintage soul?” The fashion journalist in me is constantly keeping up with the happenings of the world and always on the lookout for what’s next. Simultaneously, my love affair with previous time periods brings about this eclecticism in my personal style: My old-world inspiration spawns anywhere from the Renaissance and Victorian motifs of England, to Old Hollywood Glamour. It’s then tossed in with high fashion characteristics of London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks tailored for an affordable, ready-to-wear closet.

From my affinity for fashion and European culture was born Keeping it Krischic. Chic embodies the spirits of old, new, and unique. I believe that trends are an option, not an obligation. The true fashion revolutionaries are the ones that start the trend, not follow them. Therefore, a chic and classy sense of style is not synonymous with dated, but timeless.

What started as a fashion blog is now one of style, travel, and snippets of my life. I’m LA based and currently an editorial intern at E! News, Director of Engagement for Pepperdine Graphic Media and a senior at Pepperdine University.

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