Style in Santorini

If heaven on earth exists, it would be Oia in Santorini, Greece.

There’s no place like it. When you’re in Santorini, it feels as if the world doesn’t exist. All that is left is the island of Oia—a paradise, an escape. Surrounding you are charming shops (including an underground bookstore I absolutely fell in love with), cafes with the aroma of Grecian delicacies, and tons of churches. Paradise is even an understatement.

As part of my Greece educational field trip I mentioned in my last post, my study abroad group also visited Oia, Santorini. Oia was the epitome of what I pictured Greece to be: warm, colorful, and charming. Whether stopping in for gelato or stepping into a shop with an assortment of opal jewelry, the people there were absolutely kind and welcoming. They made you feel as if you belonged in their little piece of heaven. They didn’t want to keep it for themselves. Rather, they wanted to share it with whoever crossed their paths. It was a shame that I only had one day to spend there; who wants to leave a heavenly oasis?

Along with the culture of Oia, I wanted my outfit to be warm and colorful. I broke out an old favorite romper I picked up at a thrift store while on my Oregon trip (check out that article here). I love how it looks like I’m wearing this vibrant, floral dress when in reality it’s a skort romper. To accessorize, I have on my pointy nude flats and my crazy, natural hair as I didn’t bring a straightener on my trip. At least I can pass it off as channeling my inner island goddess—or maybe not.

I promised myself that my first trip to Oia would not be my last. You can bet I’ll enter the gates of earthly heaven once again. For now, it’s back to London town.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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